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Manga tweets: Neji Shiki



Manga tweets: Kimi no Na wa

Kimi no Na wa fan art by professional artist and writer Mayumi Kato @katomayumi


31st Japanese American Association Foreign Minister Cup Nanshiki Baseball Tournament 2016

The nanshiki baseball team I play on, the Brooklyn Dumbos, is in the playoffs.
(Nanshiki means soft type. We use a sturdy rubber ball, not the conventional hardball.)
The first round (quarter final) is on Sunday, August 7 at 8 a.m. at Field 6 in North Meadow in Central Park (by subway: 96th St on the B or C; 96th St on the 6). We play last year's champions, the New York Radiators.
The games are 7 innings with a 2-hour time limit, so it's baseball with restrictions (due to limited field permit availability) but it's a pretty competitive league with some former pros, top division college players, and players who made it to Koshien, the high school tournament that is in many ways a bigger deal than pro ball in Japan.
If you enjoy baseball, please stop by!

The ball:

The Quarter Finals:

Photos, results and more at: http://jaabaseball.blogspot.com (mostly in Japanese) 


Zebra hits NYC


Zebra's at the Starbucks @ W16th St and 8th Ave.
He's sharing free portraits of Yankees and others.
He'll be there tomorrow, too, and at the Mets game Friday.

He'll be at Yankee Stadium around 4 p.m. 


Conversation between Sadaharu Oh and Akio Chiba (creator of ‘Captain’)

New Year’s Special Feature in the January 1978 issue of Monthly Shōnen Jump

[font size variance is not intentional]

Chiba: Mr. Oh, congratulations on hitting home run number 756. I was watching on TV, and I couldn't help jumping out of my seat when you did it.

Oh: Thank you. I was only able to do it because I had everyone's support.

Chiba: After that home run, you raised your arms in celebration. You don't usually express much joy, even after hitting a home run.

Oh: That's right. Our manager [Shigeo Nagashima], during his playing days, would express joy with his whole body after hitting a home run, but I just can't do that. Kuni-san [Hitting Coach Akira Kunimatsu] always tells me: “The fans are happy for you, so you should gesture in response.” But... I'm just not a showman by nature.

Chiba: I think if you take even more time to round the bases, that would be good. But you're being yourself, Mr. Oh, and I think that's great.

Oh: When one tries too hard to look a certain way, isn't that strange? Anyway... about number 756... fans all over Japan were eager to see it, and so were my teammates. I didn't want to make them wait. So when I got it done,