Leave it all on the field

It's common to hear ballplayers say they leave everything on the field. An exhilarating concept.

It occurred to me that athletes in Japan strive for the same thing. They call it:


Bobby Valentine on Japanese baseball

I had an opportunity to hear Bobby Valentine speak.

It's strikingly clear how Japan's love of baseball inspires him.

Mr. V talked about a serious issue the Japanese professional baseball leagues face. Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB) has 12 teams. Roughly the same number of the best Japanese players played in MLB this year, and the situation looks to be similar next season. As a result, the level of competition has dipped in Japan. Fan interest has decreased, too.

It's natural for athletes to seek the biggest stage and the toughest competition, so moving from NPB to MLB should not be discouraged.

Bobby Valentine's main point was that Pro Yakyu (which is what