On DL, Uehara responds to fans on website

Orioles pitcher Koji Uehara has landed on the DL for the second time this season.

Over at his website, where he regularly responds to fans, Uehara has been receiving many words of concern and encouragement.

Being able to communicate with fans back home must mean a lot to a guy in a country that's new to him, especially when sidelined with injury.

It's very cool that he replies to comments posted on his site. For a dedicated fan, what could be more inspiring than to converse with a figure you admire?

From the even-handed way he informs a self-proclaimed fan who suggests retirement that real fans do no such thing, to ribbing another who comments a little too enthusiastically, Koji's replies exude that particular blend of frankness and humor the Kansai region is known for.

Uehara often mentions how much fun it is to play in the Show. Here's hoping for a quick recovery and a season that merits another contract.

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