Yu Darvish posts thoughts before Tommy John surgery

English translation:


March 16, 2015

Tomorrow, I will undergo right ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction.

A tendon in my right wrist will be transplanted into my elbow.

It will take one year to make a comeback.

Looking back, in elementary school, junior high, and high school, I had a low tolerance for pain, and I was physically susceptible to injury.

Still, I entered professional baseball in 2005, and I think I have thrown a lot over the past ten years.

Until the middle of my second year as a professional, I was physically and mentally weak, but
I was able to notice various things. That allowed me to be creative, which in turn let me arrive where I am today.

What supported me through all of that was my body, and my right arm in particular.

The various appearances I have shown fans were all made possible by this right arm.

Tonight is the last time I will spend together with my right elbow ligament.

It makes me sad, but I have no regrets.

It brought me to this amazing place I am in, so I am truly grateful and nothing else.

At the same time, I feel that something is ending inside me.

When the surgery is over, something will have ended, and I think that something new will start.

This surgery does not come with a 100% guarantee of recovery.

There is a possibility that I will not be able to return.

However – and this is not false bravado – I have no anxiety or fear.

When I was twenty, I decided something.

That something is: “So that I can accept the end, whenever it may come, I will not compromise in anything.”

I have kept my word on this every day of my life since then.

That’s why I have no regrets in my life in baseball up to now.

Naturally, I want to return and perform for the fans, so I will give my best effort while trying out various things.

However, my honest feeling right now is that I am calm and I am only looking positively toward the future.

The next “Yu Darvish” you see may be stronger than what you’ve seen. He may be weaker.

Whatever that “result” turns out to be, I will never compromise in the “process” called rehabilitation on the way to that “result,” and I am not going to have this surgery for nothing.

It’s too early to tell whether this is “the beginning of Yu Darvish” or “the end of Yu Darvish.”

However, I feel certain that it will lead to “advancement of the baseball world,” which is a world that I love.

I am truly grateful to everyone who has rooted for me.

I will do my best with the surgery tomorrow.

If there is a next life, I want to be born with this ligament again.

Thank you for everything up to now. (^^) [smile emoticon]

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